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Step 5: Useful Links for Search Engine Optimization


  • Selfpromotion.com - Great site that allows you to automatically submit your URL to hundreds of directories and all the major search engines.
  • Unfair Advantage - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This book teaches you step-by-step all the insider secrets you need to know to rank high in the search engines.
  • GoTo.com - The largest pay per click search engine. Their premium listings are shown on Altavista, Lycos, AOL, Go.com and other major portals.
  • Commission Junction - Affiliate clearinghouse with hundreds of revenue earning programs for your website.
  • Search Engine Watch - This site has lots of up-to-date search engine news.
  • JimTools - Useful tools for webmasters.
  • About.com Personal Websites - Helpful tips and tutorials for your personal website
  • Message Boards

    • Search Engine Forums - popular forums where you can discuss or ask questions about any of the major search engines. Be careful - no spamming or advertising here.


    • alt.internet.search-engines - Post questions or read about search engine positioning here. You will need a newsgroup reader like Outlook Express

    Email Newsletters

    • WebPosition - this monthly newsletter is full of valuable information about the latest search engine positioning techniques. Highly recommended.
    • Bcentral Digest - another useful daily digest geared more toward beginners in Internet business. Lots of info about search engines here
    • JimWorld - to subscribe send a blank email to join-gazette@lists.jimlists.com
    • WordTracker - weekly list of the top 500 most searched for keyword phrases
    • WordSpot - weekly list of the top 200 popular search terms

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